Will all of Reality be torn apart?

The Out-Of-Character (OOC) rules are simple:

1) Be respectful of other members of this community. 
We're all here to have fun, but let's not have it at someone else's expense. Jokes are fine, but please understand that sometimes people's feelings do get hurt even with a bit of harmless fun.

2) Do not troll, flame, or spam either the community or its members.
Any of the three above behaviors will result in the offender's membership being yoinked. Think of this forum as a social club of sorts.

3) If you have a disagreement with another member, handle it via e-mail or other private message systems. 
We can't stress this enough as we've seen heated disagreements destroy other communities. If you have a problem with another member, try to resolve it outside of the forums. If asked nicely, the administrator will step in and help mediate any issues, but it would be best if the unhappy parties try to resolve it on their own first.

The In-Character (IC) Rules:

1) Keep it reasonable.
While this community is open-minded (as well as yaoi/yuri friendly), we ask that all members warn everyone else when there is a potential for anything that might offend: sexual themes, language, you get the idea. When making your post, be sure to toss up the apropos warnings in the topic description. If there isn't enough room in the description, continue or repeat the warnings as a header to the inside post, this way there's a chance for someone to turn back before it's too late. This ties hand in hand with...

2) ANY post containing sexual content MUST be labeled in the description before ALL other labels are applied. 
This is not a request. This is a necessity to protect everyone participating.

3) Do not use someone else's character in your posts without their permission.
This is simply a matter of respect. This also applies to the NPCs or Mod-Controlled characters. If you want to include someone else's character, use the forum to send them a private message or use their other contact information to reach them and arrange something. Any multi-character posts that involve a PC whose player didn't consent will be deleted.

4) Check in regularly.
Plots don't move if people aren't involved. While you don't HAVE to post, it's usually a good idea for players to keep up on events.

5) Keep it in English and spellcheck if you're not sure.
It doesn't matter where a character is from, in the Nexus everyone hears and understands the same language. Please don't use otaku Japanese or any other foreign language in your character posts.  It serves no real purpose because everyone is going to hear what the translation behind it is. On a small scale, the moderators may edit such things out of a post in order to correct it. If it becomes a larger issue, we have no qualms about deleting such posts as necessary.

Not really that tall an order all things considered.  Now, hop on over and take a peek at what the heck is going on.