Will all of Reality be torn apart?


Since the stabilization of the Nexus, the area has grown quite fertile for settling. Lost folk found their way to the center of all worlds and saw a chance to start over. These people could not have known that they were allowed into the Nexus for that very reason.

Generations have been born and raised in the Nexus and it has turned into a thriving community. It has grown and even created its own currency called "seli".  Seli are coins, approximately the size of a US half dollar, cast in silver.  Each coin has a round hole in the center so that they can easily be linked together by a cord.  It is not uncommon for citizens to carry such lengths on their belts or even sometimes around their necks and wrists.

Those who live within the Nexus have learned the story of the Three and venerate them in hopes of continuing to gain protection from all possible outside dangers. The First and the Third have not disappointed them in that and have ensured their safety as much as possible.

Unfortunately, even with the worship, it's not enough to sustain their protection for much longer.

The community is now a town, named by the residents as Pacis.

Within the town, there are places that became necessary to the community:

Oestes' Eatery (located at the central plaza):
Run by the original proprietor's grandson, Elodas. They serve cooked-to-order meals starting from sunrise to late evening, shutting their doors each night when the third bell tolls. Prices range from one seli for a bowl of thin soup to five seli for a full meal served with wine or ale.

The Clinic (located in the center of town, near the central plaza):
Operated by Dr. Rynn. Doors open at dawn and close at the fourth bell, however since Rynn doesn't need to sleep, he is always ready to handle emergencies that come up.

Yavonne Inn (located at the central plaza):
Owned by Lilly McGuire. Two seli for a single bed room, three for a single room with two beds, and one to sleep on the floor in the common room. She guarantees that all her rooms are parasite-free.

The Smithy (located on the edge of town close to the the farm roads):
Run by Samla. He repairs plowshares, farm tools, and horseshoes for a reasonable fee. Those who ask about weapons are directed to Dillon.

The Cutting Edge (located on the edge of town close to the bridge):
Owned by Dillon. This specialized smithy can fashion and repair most melee weapons and/or armor.

As Pacis continues to grow, more amenties will open up, providing potentially more employment for those who keep finding their way into the Nexus.

The Inne

Pacis sits on the shores of a grand lake that stretches far in the distance. Within Lake Cerulis, named for its sparkling clear blue water, rises an island. On this island is a building that the residents know is not meant for them. The structure stands proud, seemingly carved from alabaster marble, showing itself to have several floors in the interior. Around most of this grand estate is a garden of wondrous beauty, with towering oak trees that are protected by pearl-white bark.

These trees were catalyst for them to name the whole as the White Oaks Inne.

Each evening after sunset, a bell tolls from the building.  This happens in hourly increments and is used by the residents of Pacis to keep time.  The final bell tolls at midnight and then the velvet darkness remains silent until dawn wipes it away.

A long, white stone bridge leads from shore to shore, making the island accessible. Only the three newcomers have been seen to enter and exit this place. Any residents who try walking the bridge find themselves plodding along and gaining no ground halfway across, but turning and walking back to town takes only two minutes.

This phenomena applies only to the residents, it seems, and not the more recently arrived trio who seem to have the blessing of the Three.